Green asparagus risotto and pistachio parmesan chicken

Asparagus…Asparagus.. You wait for it..You crave after it.Every spring same thing.  Waiting and checking up when asparagus stand close to us opens.Well, they are open and I bought my favourite green asparagus.

Recipe is very similar to my Wood Garlic risotto. I had one small addition, which i would not normally use. I had some left over Sauce Hollandaise from the weekend. Instead of the cream I added that into the risotto. Oh boy!!! That was a good call.. I could have licked the plate clean afterwards.It was amazing in the risotto!! Here is the risotto recipe:


  • 30g butter
  • 1 tbsp olive oil
  • 1 small onion, chopped finely
  • 250g risotto rice (arborio)
  • splash white wine or vermouth
  • 1l vegetable or chicken stock (hot)
  • 500g asparagus white or green
  • little cream


  1. Remove about 2-3cm from the asparagus end and cut tips away.Save them for later.Cut aspargus in pieces. If you are using white asparagus peel it first.
  2. Cook onion slowly in some butter and oil for about 10 minutes without colouring.
  3. Add rice, turn up the heat and cook until the rice is coated with onion, season and add alcohol. Stir until the wine has been absorbed.
  4. Next, add the stock until rice is just covered and turn down the heat. Maintain rice at a gentle simmer and keep adding stock once the last addition has been absorbed.
  5. After about 10 minutes add chopped asparagus and stir into rice. Add more stock. After another 5 minutes, when rice is just cooked but has some bite, add the butter and cheese.(if you want this creamier,this is when you add dash of cream into risotto)
  6. Boil asparagus tips quickly .
  7. Season and serve with a sprinkling of cheese and some asparagus tips.

I have done parmesan chicken before. recipe which I am using is low fat and simple. When I made the crust this time I used pistachio nuts when pulsing the parmesan and Finn Crisps. It gave green hue to the crust and bit different flavour too into whole thing. You will find recipe for the parmesan chicken here:


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