Short weekend getaway to Salzburg and Berchtesgaden..

Do you ever get that feeling when you simply just have to get and go somewhere? Well I did,last weekend. Our friends were talking about possibility to go together, with bigger group of friends,without the kids, for short trip towards beautiful Salzburgerland and Berchtesgandenland.. Sometimes, I can be quite impulsive this trip came more than in right time..We needed short break from all what has been going on at home..




First stop was Salzburg. City, which is full of history and so much to see and to do. I have always liked it but somehow we never seem to find enough time to drive there..

Did you know that original Mozart Kugeln are made in Salzburg and there were even fight about the product name rights? Conditorei Fürst is the first one to produce these yummy chocolate treats. If you would like to read more about Mozart kugeln here is a Wikipedia link:




When ever we go to Salzburg,I just love to walk around and do people watching. As many other famous places,it is full of tourists now a days. There are still quiet wonderful off beat places where you are able to get some sort of feeling how real Salzburg can be..


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After visiting downtown Salzburg we headed towards Schloss Hellbrunn. Hellbrunn Palace Salzburg, Austria. It was built-in 1613-19 by Markus Sittikus von Hohenems, Prince-Archbishop of Salzburg, and named for the “clear spring” that supplied it.






Hellbrunn was only meant for use as a day residence in summer, as the Archbishop usually returned to Salzburg in the evening, therefore, there is no bedroom in Hellbrunn.So pretty cool summer house??


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There were couple taking their wedding pictures.Looked like Turkish couple and wedding. So beautiful!






From what it is really know from are its jeux d’eau (water games). These games were conceived by Markus Sittikus, a man with a keen sense of humour, as a series of practical jokes to be performed on guests. Notable features include stone seats around a stone dining table through which a water conduit sprays water into the seat of the guests when the mechanism is activated, and hidden fountains that surprise and spray guests while they take part on the tour..Be careful in the garden and have fun..


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It is a great place to visit with kids.Just take extra change of cloths with you and choose warm day! Water comes from spring and it is cold!Here are couple of links to Schloss Hellbrunn:


And it was time to get on our bus again.Now we were heading towards Rossfeldpanoramastrasse and Eagles Nest.Actually there’s not much to see from Eagles Nest anymore because Allied Forced bombed it down to earth, after war was over.Kehlsteinhaus is worth of visiting. This area is also know from the movie “Sound of music”.



Road was really interesting and offered amazing views to Salzgammergut and Bayern.If you are into motorcycles this would be one hell of a road to ride! Lots on bends and curves..


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We left the mountains behind and headed towards Berchtesgaden. Very charming small city.Luggages into the hotel,shower and dinner in local brewery.




Hofbrauhaus Bechtesgaden has been brewing beer since 1645..Not that long but long enough.Baumgartner brewery in my home city Schärding am Inn has been brewing beer since 1609 and is quite young brewery when compared to Weihenstephan Brewery which have been making beer since 768..


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Food was traditional.Haxe,Bratl,Schnitzel etc..Good, but heavy..You went to counter,pointed what you wanted to eat,chef made your plate and you went to cashiers to pay it…






Next day waking up was bit on tougher side.Maybe due to beer and wine consumed the night before.Well worth of it. We had fun!

On Sunday we made short walk trough inner city of Berchtesgarden. Lovely and so different from what I am use to seeing here in Innviertel.


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After walk it was time to get into the bus again.We were heading towards Königssee.The Königssee is a natural lake in the extreme southeast Berchtesgadener Land district of the German state of Bavaria, near the Austrian border. Most of the lake is within the Berchtesgaden National Park.See the lake and SMELLING the water was like balsam for my soul. Coming from Finland,from lake are I miss great lakes,the smell and the sound of waves..Water is my favourite element!




The lake is noted for its clear water and is advertised as the cleanest lake in Germany. For this reason, only electric-powered passenger ships, rowing, and pedal boats have been permitted on the lake since 1909. Passenger services along the length of the lake.There are two harbours where you can stop.From harbours you can make small hikes in surroundings or just sit there and enjoy the marvelous views.


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Then it was time to go home again..Perfect weekend. It just made me realize how many beautiful places there are around me in Austria and in Germany. I do not need to travel far away to find adventure and exotic places. All of that,is here..Looking forward to our next small break from everyday stress..I don’t know when it will happen but hopefully soon..





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