Testing out recipes from Pinterest.Greetings from experimental kitchen!

You all have seen those brilliant ideas in Pinterest or those videos which are titled: “She did …… you won’t believe what happened?” things…

Yeah,me too, and I have been wondering if they really work. I tried a couple of those recipes from two different videos. First one is stuffed hamburger cups.

Looks simple enough.And I knew my hubby would appreciate them. Here is, how it all went:

I did not use beer cans to mold patties.I just made them in my hand.First I made round ball and after that hole in the middle.Remember to leave bottom! And the stuffing.Well..It felt like bit too much work to fry everything separately. I used shiitake mushrooms and red onions which I fried first and then I marinated mixture in BBQ sauce. I did let the mixture cool down completely before filling it into hamburger cups. Whole thing was topped with cheddar cheese.


Grilling time was too long.One hour in low heat was far too much..Othervise recipe worked very well. And they were delicious.


I served the burgers with grilled vegetables of the season and Tabouleh salad.

Pull apart bread.

I have done the bread couple of time already and I have to say, results have been great. I use ciabatta bread,cut it accordingly and add herbs,spices,cheese what ever in it. Our favourite is simple garlic and butter bread. I wrap it in baking paper and after that on foil. Into the grill and I usually grill it in low heat about 15-20 minutes. Take it out and peel papers away. Then I give it another go in higher temperature. Easy thing!


Cheese and Garlic Crack Bread (Pull Apart Bread)


Apple roses..I think you all have seen those quite impressive roses made from apple? Me too. I am not that talented when it comes to baking so I am afraid of everything which looks even bit challenging.

I gave it a try, and for my surprise making those roses was really simple. It is lots of work but in the end it pays off.


I used mandolin to slice apples.Do not use too starchy apples because they will crumple easier while handling slices. The dough was simple butter crumble dough. I did not microwave my apple slices,neither did I bathe them in sugar syrup. Have your dough ready rolled and cut,it will make whole process faster and easier. I baked them in silicon forms.

I served apple roses with Crema Catalana which is Spanish milk custard. They tasted nice together and and looked pretty and impressive. I will be doing these again.


Experimental lunch was ended with not so experimental coffee drink. Icecream,hot strong coffee and dash of brandy in it!

Most of the recipes in internet are actually quite simple to copy. You just need to get going and gather all you courage to try them out. Sometimes results do not look anything like in the photos, but then again it is the taste that matters the most.

As always I used my own spices and ideas. In my opinion that’s the fun in cooking.Making the recipe your own!

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