Soccer,sun and Mostini..

Two times a year, Kiddo’s soccer club has a party.Christmas party has always been sweaty,overcrowded and not so fun occasion, because it has been held in very small restaurant space, and there has always been close 100 people present.Kids and their parents plus the trainers. Too much noise,too hot and not really fun..But the summer party.. That’s a completely another thing…


We get together, over the soccer club, and spend whole evening grilling,talking,laughing and having general fun.Soccer games between kids and adults.Some of the kids camped in soccer field over night.

DSC02529 DSC02535

I have had tradition, that I will take with me, something nice to drink, for us “hard-working” and “always driving around” soccer mommies. And Daddies too..They rather drink beer and snaps 😉


Mostini, became last summer one of my favourite cocktails.It is refreshing and not too strong. And what’s the best,it contains local product, Most, the apple cider.That I love!


This is what you will need:

Big jug at least 2,5 l where you going to make your Mostini. I found this nice lemonade dispenser from the internet. Perfect!It is great for making punchbowls or juice cocktails for kids parties.And it looks pretty!

One bottle of sekt,cava,prosecco or what ever sparkling wine you have. You will need 1l dry apple cider,preferably natural and not too sweet. Pomegranate juice,about 1 dl. Little bit Sprite, lime juice.Elder syrup about 0,5dl.Fresh peppermint,lemon melissa and some fresh edible flowers to garnish . If you cider is very dry you might want add little sugar.Lemon,lime and maybe some pomegranate seeds to garnish your cocktails. And of course ice cubes!

Put your peppermint and lemon melissa in the jug and smash the leafs a little so that you will get the flavours going. After that add sparkling wine,cider and then the rest.Mix well,taste and add according your taste lemon or elder syrup. Serve with ice,peppermint and some lemon slices.

Enjoy the hot summer days and drink mostini!

P.S If you want to add some “kick” into it use vodka or white rum.


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