Story of a happy apple (or Apple Strudel)

Once upon a time there was one very happy apple.It had grown in garden of Gabrielle.It had wonderful,clean and happy childhood.This is the story of the “Very Happy Apple” and how it became to be very delicious Apple Strudel.

I have a friend, who is farming apples and strawberries close by, in Germany. German border is about 2km away, from where I live. It is quite normal for me to go shopping to German side. I became friends, with Gabrielle, couple of years ago. I was looking for someone, who would sell home-made apple juice, and by change I saw advertisement while driving by her farm. So I dropped by..

Shop is small and has wonderful familiar atmosphere. She sells other things too. Hand made pasta, coffee, jams, cider,cheese,potatoes,cabbage etc. Kiddo lover her home-made candies. Everything is organically produced, or as close as you can get to that…

When you go there,Gabi’s Mother is quite often in the shop, wonderful lady. You get into chatting and sometimes little gossiping too. It kind od belongs to this thing. And yes,you can try everything. So which apple would you choose?

Pear.. I love pears. Last year was catastrophic for our pears. Hardly any harvest.Usually we eat all what we have, when they ripen . I hate to buy pears in the supermarkets, because most of them come from faraway and are full of pesticides. Well, these ones are not.

Juices.. Everything is directly pressed,no extra sugar added or preservatives added. 100% natural.Juices are vacuum packed. Brilliant! Easy to store and no hassle with returning the bottles.Juice also hold better this way. Same idea as bag-in-box wines have. My favourite is the apple-redcurrant mixture. She has apple-pear,apple-sour cherry and apple juices.

And of course snaps..What would farmers shop be, without them?? These two, are special herbal blends. Yeah, they call snaps medicine in Austria and Germany 😉

Gabi has a wide range of other products too. I love to drink cider during the summer time. So,I bought cider for my self. This is mixed with elder flower, and has quite wonky and funny taste. Not too sweet, but great to drink during those hot summer days. (Or after sauna,I do not like beer which boys usually like to drink)

Recipe for the strudel is here:


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