Wien,Wien du allein… (and sashimi inspired by Restaurant Dots)

Couple of weeks ago, I had to go to Wien, in order to renew my passport. Yeah,and it was great to get out from the Hicksville too. As much as I love living in country side it does good for me to see city life now and then.. First I thought, I just take the train in the morning, and come back in the evening. Well,it did not go like that. My best friend had a brilliant idea of staying overnight in Vienna. We booked hotel and purchased train tickets. Two days in Vienna!!! Wahoo, mini holiday in big city!!








My first touch to Austria ,was 20 years ago. My hubby,that time still boy friend, wanted to show me his home country. I still remember it all like it would have been happening yesterday! New Year, or as the call it here,Silvester in Vienna. Roaming around the streets which were full of music and people. Food everywhere. We danced Strauss Walz “Wiener Blut” in front of the Parliament house on midnight while drinking champagne.. I was smitten to the man and on to Vienna.



Cafe Hawelka is one of the Vienna’s institutions. Place where artists and intellectual used to meet. Not much has changes there. Still the same grumpy “Ober” is serving delicious cakes and hot coffees..






Naschmarkt has become one of my must things to do while in Vienna. Food, spices,smells,people,colour… All mixed up as one happy big mess..

On Saturdays Nashmarkt has a flee market too. It has become huge turist attraction and I rarely am able to make bargains there anymore..

DSC06125 IMG_2190


















IMG_3247 IMG_3246

I love just to walk here and look around. People watching at its best.



Back to the main purpose of this times visit. I got my passport issue taken care of. After that I met with one of my Finnish friends who lives in Vienna. Her daughters know lots of great eateries in downtown Vienna so we asked advice from them. Recommendations was place called “Dot’s” Fusion, experimental sushi. Wow!! Really fantastic. One dish was really for my taste. Sashimi with chili and coriander. I never thought of doing this at home. I am too traditional, I guess.. It is so simple to make.

IMG_4371 IMG_4373


Purchase sushi quality salmon,tuna,shrimps or what ever you desire. Cut fish in slices and serve on top of grated radish. Top the whole thing with cut coriander,chili and toasted sesame seeds. Since it is season for  Wild Garlic in Austria, I used some of that too on the top.

Well here is how my version of this, great and simple dish, looks like:


I hope I will be able to spend some time in Vienna soon again. Vienna has so much to offer! People watching,walking around,great cafes (no need to go to Starbuck’s),museums,theaters etc. And people are nice.



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