Giving a cooking lesson about Finnish food (and Salmon cassarole from left overs)

I have been involved with Caritas , for long time now. I have been mainly giving cooking lessons , on voluntary basis .We meet once a moth, and cook food from different countries. My friend who is organizing this, has sometimes  problems to find replacement, when there is last-minute cancellation and this was the case this time too. I had time to spare, so I jumped in.


I am on the left (BTW this is a rare thing to see picture of me,because I am usually behind the camera).  These ladies are from Romania,Tadzhikistan and Mongolia. Our menu was Spinach soup,Coulibiack and spinach pancakes..Recipes for the Coulibiack and Pancakes are in my blog already. I will make spinach soup soon and write then the recipe down for you.

IMG_4565 IMG_4567

We cook typical dishes for the countries where we come from. We tell stories about our own countries and how the life and living there is. You know ,when you cook with someone, you open your heart truly and food is language which everybody understands. We laughed a lot together. I found out that in Tadzhikistan they have quite similar foods that we have in Finland. Due to Russian influence. Interesting…

Some of these ladies are asylum seekers and stories they tell are sad and many. They had to leave everythin behind,facing new language and new culture, which can sometimes be very hostile and suspicious towards them.

We had fun evening once again.. Here is the group picture. It wa nice to be with all of you! Till next time. Looking forward to cook maybe something from Mongolia!



Here is a link to coulibiak and to spinach pancakes which we made.


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  1. The food looks good.


    1. Hannele says:

      Thank you 🙂


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