Cake catastrophy and such.. ( me baking = not good)

Anybody who knows me little better, know, that I love cooking but absolutely hate baking! What ever I bake, ends up to be some sort of disaster. I made applecinnamonrolls..They were raw from the middle, but tasted good. And there is my very famous “Scheisse-tortte”! I attended baking course last fall. We had bake Sacher-cake, which we then decorated with fondant. Simple thing…Sure-e!! Here!! Pretty?? 😀

This one you could not be rescued,not even by cutting it level..


So I ended up making second one. First cake, I cut in pieces and Kiddo took it to school with him.He said that it was great! This is how second cake turned out to be after decorating and all..


My grandmother is awesome baker,or was..Not anymore.She is already 93-years old, so she is not baking that much, what she used to.Now and then ,she makes bread or carrot buns which are amazing.. if you ask recipe, her answer is: “Well, you just throw this and that and mix.i do not have recipe..” Hmm.. I wonder from whom I am getting this : “I do not have recipe”-gene from 😀

Anyhow, today is my Kiddos birthday, and the feared “bake-the-cake” day came. I survived this time!! Yay me!

Sorry about the picture quality. I was taking these pictures 5.30AM.

I have been looking all the beautiful “Naked Cakes” and wanted to try it. I baked simple sponge-cake bottoms.One with chocolate and other with vanilla. For the filing I used quark mixed with fresh strawberries and rhubarb. My two favourites!


After layering everything, and letting it set awhile, I poured chocolate glazing over the whole thing. Then I started decorating it with fresh strawberries,blueberries,raspberries and mini kiwis..Little dusting sugar over and quick run out to garden to pick some pansy flowers as decoration. Dusting sugar over and candles..Ready.. In my opinion it looks messy. My friends told me it looks nice. It for sure tasted great. Maybe next one will be better. Start was not too shabby..

Happy Birthday Kiddo! Your Mom loves you very much!


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    Happy Birthday Kiddo is Right! WOW! Happy Day! Yum!

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    1. Hannele says:

      Thank you 🙂


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