Healthy Snack over Kiddo’s school!

In Austria, kids do not get lunch at school nor are they able to buy it .No free lunch,like kids do in Finland.They take their snack with them.Mommy or Daddy backs their lunch everyday for them. Same thing in kindergarten. When Kiddo was on his last year of KiGa,Upper-Austria started new project called Heathy Commune. It involves everything from exercise to eating. Government is giving subsidies out to counties for projects to promote healthy living.

Healthy Snack is something which I really like. Goal is to bring kids to eat healthier, and to teach to them different tastes and flavours.This involves at school and parents working together.Parents go to school once a week with snack which is then sold during “big brake”. All the money earned goes towards kids own class.Teacher desides how it is being used.


I remember ,when I head about it first time.Some parents were complaining, how this is too much work and takes too much effort. I think it is great idea. It brings school and parents closer. You learn to know other parents bit better and you also see what’s going on in the school. It also gives me a change to show kids little bit of my own food culture, which is very different from Austrian. All food items cost 50c per piece. So price is not the obstacle here to try new things!

What I made for today: zucchini meatballs, raspberry quark, Mr.Hulks green pancakes and Carrot-apple cinnamon rolls. We also had pizza breads with tunafish and vegetables,muffins,potato spread (I will write recipe later for this Austrian treat),Turkish breads filled with Feta cheese,breads with cheese,butter or fresh cheese. Here’s how it all looked like:


For my surprise meatballs were not popular at all.Quark and pancakes were gone in a minutte.Same as muffins and cakes. Sometimes I think Austrians have some sort of extra sweet tooth because they love their cakes! We managed to get 100€ for Kiddo’s class.


In all in all ,very good morning and it was nice to be at school to see kids. But oh boy,I have been tires the whole day from yesterdays cooking marathon and from today. I am happy, that this is only once a year!

I will be posting Carrot-Apple Cinnamon roll recipe bit later today.

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