Happy Mothers day to all mothers….

Mothers day, is always little bit sad day, for me.I lost my own mother, several years ago. She had breast cancer. Unfortunately she lost her battle against of it.

But, because of that, I have had honour to have two other very special Mothers in my life. One in Amerika, my exchange student year mom, Betty, whom became very close to me. I haven’t seen her in years now but now and then we write to each other.I love her dearly!

Then there is my stepmother. Wonderful and annoying lady who has given so much to me. It was not always easy but she is my Mom!

Take care of your mothers, because you never know when they are gone,  then only then, you realise how much and how important mother actually is. Mother’s can be annoying,nagging and pain in the arse persons, but hey,that’s their job ❤

I am looking forward for tomorrow morning, when my Kiddo comes to wake me up ,and will give me card, that he has made in the school. It is nothing expensive but it comes from his heart and has been made with thought and love! And that is. the best gift that any mother can ever have.Honest love of a child!


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