Finland in my mind..

It is that time of the year again, when this expat Finn, is cursing too expensive flight tickets to Finland! Sometimes it feels, like you are being punished, for living abroad and wanting to visit home.When I looked the ticket prices and the offers,for outbound flights from Finland,they were so cheap. Not fair. In the end,…


It is that time of the year, when I am yearning to go home,badly. FB and Instagram, is full of wonderful pictures from my friends, when they are on holiday in Finland. I miss the lakes the most.Water my element,I miss sitting on pierce of our summer house.Hearing the waves making their noise. Fish jumping up…


Finally it is getting warmer in Austria but I still miss those white nights from Finland. 💞

Happy Mothers day to all mothers….

Mothers day, is always little bit sad day, for me.I lost my own mother, several years ago. She had breast cancer. Unfortunately she lost her battle against of it. But, because of that, I have had honour to have two other very special Mothers in my life. One in Amerika, my exchange student year mom,…


I have never had this feeling more strongly,than what It has been this past week! I should be at home ,in Finland, right now, but I cannot..But my thoughts are there..All the time! These are the times when I truly and utterly hate being expat..