It is that time of the year, when I am yearning to go home,badly. FB and Instagram, is full of wonderful pictures from my friends, when they are on holiday in Finland. I miss the lakes the most.Water my element,I miss sitting on pierce of our summer house.Hearing the waves making their noise. Fish jumping up from the lake now and then trying to catch bugs and the feeling of peace. I miss the White Nights,light,which makes you feel like you could stay awake forever..

But then again..Those are just memories..Memories of life that I left behind long time ago.My home is in Austria now and I am more Austrian nowadays than a Finn. Anyway soon enough we will go to Finland for our summer vacation and then I am happy to return back home again.

Hiraeth; The price you pay living and loving two or more countries and people in those countries …


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  1. Yks Aino says:

    Samoja fiiliksia, mutta kohteena meri ja saaristo ☺Kaunis kirjoitus!


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