Peonies and such..Garden diary

Summer is my favourite time of all..Everything seems to be so much alive.Birds are going nuts, our neighbours delirious rooster cannot shut up and Zorro the cat is  spending more time outside than inside. And of course bringing his gifts to “Mommy”. And “Mommy” is chasing the poor cat out from the house. I am not afraid of the mouse but I hate the idea that there might be rotting corpse somewhere under the bed or …


Peonies bloomed so beautifully this year. Blooming time is just so short.

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Something very interesting happened last week. I noticed that our pear tree was bloomig.Second time this year.It had blooms and small unripe pears on it.I have no idea why it would do something like that.

IMG_2859 IMG_2861

Rain can be beautiful too..

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I have kiwi bush and this year it was so full of flowers.I think we will have lots of kiwis this year.


Hortensia and roses are in full bloom.I am so happy that hortensia started to grow well under the magnolia tree. It has always been problem spot in my garden. I had lavandel growing under the tree before and it never really had that much success.

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5 Comments Add yours

  1. Voiko ihanampia kukkia olla kuin pionit!


    1. Hannele says:

      Näin on…Kaipaan niitä tummia maatiais pioneja..Minun on kaikki noita ihan vaaleita.


  2. Sabine says:

    Wonderful peonies, I just can never stop staring at them all season long!


    1. Hannele says:

      Me too..Season in Austria is over already and this year we got some really strong rain so season was even shorter than usual.


  3. Michelle says:

    Peonies are the best! Unfortunately, mine always bloom the very week that I go away on vacation.


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