World’s simplest Garden Berry Crêpe Cake

“Lätty” or Crêpe is something that kids and adults both love. Beloved child has many names.In Austria it is called “Palatschinke”, In Germany Pfannkuchen. In Finland we call it “Lätty”. Yep,finnish is such a wonderful and easy language 😉
Crêpe or “Lätty” came to Finland from Russia, where it is called “Blini”. Or then again, maybe from Sweden? Hard to really say from where we got it, because so many nations have their own version of Crêpe.Actually it does not even matter,they are good filled with sweet filling or savoury!

Since I am living in Austria I do my Crêpes with Austrian recipe.

The history of the “Palatschinke” started in Roman times. The Romans called it “placenta”, which means cake. After having passed Hungarian and Slovakian regions, the “palacinka” finally reached Austria. Viennese cuisine has been using the term “Palatschinke” in cookery books since the 19th century. The “Palatschinke” has managed to become one of the most delicious desserts of the Viennese cuisine.

Here is the simplest and the most foolproof Crêpe recipe that I know. It is from book called “Vienna Kitchen” (Wiener Küche; A.Hess). Collection of old Viennese style recipes.I got the book from my sister in law years ago.Originally my husband thought this recipe for me, and by far, this is the best recipe for the Crêpes batter!


  • 250 g flour (fine)(I used spelt flour)
  • 500 ml  milk
  • 2 whole eggs
  • 2 egg yolks
  • 50 g melted butter
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla sugar
  • salt
  • butter for frying


For the crêpes, combine the flour with milk, eggs,yolks and melted butter and stir. Add vanilla sugar and a pinch of salt. Gradually add the rest of the milk and keep stirring until the mixture becomes thin. Put the batter through a sieve (or use blender to get rid off any lumps in the dough), and let stand for 20 minutes. If necessary, thin the mixture with more milk. Heat butter in a pan suitable for making crêpes. Pour out any residual fat (the pancakes should be fried in a thin layer of butter). Pour in some of the batter, making sure it is evenly spread. Fry the crêpe golden-yellow on both sides. Remove and place on a plate. Cover with foil. Make the rest of the crêpes in this way.

Let your Crêps cool down. Mean while make your filling ready.I used 0,5l whipped cream,200g blueberries,200g raspberries and about one kilo of strawberries.I also needed some apricot jam.

Whip your cream to stiff. If you want ,you can use cream hardening stuff.I didn’t do it this time.

Start by putting one crêpe on serving plate, which you are intending to use.Cut strawberries in half or slice them more, if you have really big strawberries. Cover your Crêpe with strawberries and top it with cream.

For the next layer: Take Crêpe and spread some apricot jam (or what ever jam you like,maybe Nutella?) on it.Put it on top of your last Crêpe.Continue this way till you have reached your desired height of your cake.

If you do not want to use cream leave it out.Use only marmalade.There are so many possibilities to fill this cake.Yet again, my recipe is just a suggestion,make it your own or serve crepe just with marmalade or sugar.Enjoy!

P.S This cake would be perfect dish for brunch or breakfast.


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  1. Awesome Presentation!!.. Yum!!


    1. Hannele says:

      Thank you 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Hannele says:

      Thank you…Really simple thing to do. 🙂 Honestly!


      1. Yes, your lettu-cake is something that I could ‘bake’ while we live in Japan (where we do not have an oven) 🙂


      2. Hannele says:

        Absolutely! And try it with spinach.My kiddo loves pinaatti lätty.


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