Potatoes,potatoes and child labour.Kiddo working his way out of being grounded..!

Well…Where should I start? I have this Kiddo who’s respected 8 years old. Quite stubborn and full of great ideas. Sometimes our opinions clash badly. Actually he is a wonderful kid. But sometimes he can be quite challenging..


Last week he came home from the school, and as usual did his homework.When he was done,I asked from him if he had done everything? Answer was yes..I trusted him,because this is something we have been working towards now,trust. me not needing to check after him. Weekend went by and on monday he comes from the school with a note that he have had homework undone since Thursday. I blew off like steam engine, because I do not like lying.And he had broken my trust,again.I had asked if he had done ALL of his homework and he lied to me..Well, in our house you have consequences. Kiddo got grounded, for one week,no friends,no IPad.. Oh the howling that followed, me being miserable,horrible and above all evil and unfair mother.Tuff luck Kiddo!


Week wore off and on Thursday he started to feel being alone.So I decided to cut him some slack, and give him change to make truce with me, if he helps me in the garden. Deal was  that he gets one day off from his “jail time”.


We went to veggie garden which I had clean and replant. Kiddo has always been good helper in garden and he is really interested what’s going and growing in there. I told him that he has to help me to dig potatoes up.

IMG_3004 IMG_3003

As one of my fronds said:” Hmmmm..Was that really a punishment because I think he liked digging into the dirty soil?”

And this is what we got. Basket full of beautiful potatoes.He was very happy with what he found and what he did. And he got one day forgiven from his sentence 😉


Today I cooked simple food with those wonderful and tasty new potatoes. I made lightly salted salmon and whitefish,chanterelle sauce,soft boiled egg which I got from our neighbour. Look at colour of the yolk!It is like a little sun.I love it ❤

Here is a link for Graved Lax recipe. Only thing what I add into this recipe is little brown sugar on top of the fish which I am salting.



Wishing you all happy weekend! I am going to sauna now and wash the worries of the world away.


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  1. kaari3 says:

    Looks so yummy, especially that egg and salmon. Where were you when my kids needed tuff love? I could have used some help 🙂


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