Savoury pie with Heirloom tomatoes, Jamon Serrano and four cheeses..

Tomatoes here tomatoes there..And they all are ripening at the same time. Never the less there’s nothing better than home-grown tomatoes.Sweet and tasty.


I cooked today wonderful savoury pie using those tomatoes.Bit different than usual, because tomatoes on top are uncooked. Perfect for lunch,picnic or when you need something savoury but not so heavy food for the evening. And if you need vegetarian version from this,just leave Jamon Serrano away.



For the crust:

  • 400g spelt flour
  • 300g butter (room temperature)
  • 1/2 tsp powdered caraway
  • 100g Pecorino cheese, grated fine
  • 2 eggs

In a bowl, stir together the flour,caraway and grated pecorino. Add the butter,  and using a pastry blender,fingers or 2 knives, cut them in until the mixture resembles coarse breadcrumbs. Add the eggs, stirring gently so that you have even dough.

Using floured hands, pat the dough into your baking form. Put your form in fridge to cool little while you make your filling.

Note: This dough can be stored, wrapped in plastic wrap and refrigerated,up to 2 days. And it is fantastic crust for savoury pies.

For the filling

  • 250g Mascarpone cheese
  • 2 buffalo milk Mozzarellas
  • 200g Parmesan
  • 100g goat fresh cheese (optional,I had some so I used it)
  • 2dl heavy cream
  • 3 eggs
  • pepper

In bowl mix mascarpone,cream,goat fresh cheese eggs and pepper to even consistency. Take your pie crust out from the fridge,pour batter on top of it,rip mozzarella balls in pieces,distribute evenly over your filling. Grate your parmesan and sprinkle on top. Bake in 200°c about 30-40 minutes.


Pie is ready when the crush has taken bit colour and filling is  golden colour. Take your pie from the oven let it cool down.

To top the pie, you will need:

  • about 4-6 tomatoes,350g all together. This will vary because size of your tomatoes which you are using. Try to get as many different kind of them in different colours
  • 150g good quality Jamon Serrano ham
  • 100g Arugula salad (Ruccola)
  • little basil on the top to decorate

When the pie has reached room temperature you can top it. Cut your tomatoes in slices, arrange on top of your pie with arugula and Jamon Serrano . Enjoy with wine as appetizer and as snack..


Note: This is a big dough! If you are using normal Quiche or pie form half the amounts.I used 32cm times 35cm square baking form.I lined my form with baking paper so I were able to get the pie out from the form easily.


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  1. Frances 🌺 says:

    Love the variety of tomatoes; great for colour & flavour 🍅


    1. Hannele says:

      Oh yes.. I have this year only six tomato plants but it is enough.

      Liked by 1 person

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