Pannukakku ( Oven Pancake) and Star Singers

Winter has arrived to Austria finally! Lots of snow and freezing temperatures. Kiddo and his best friend have been outside from early morning till late evening playing in the snow. Great! I have been enjoying the silence inside the house and at least our Kiddo has been dead tired in the evenings. Something else is also going on…

Stern Singer, or Star Singers.. Kids are going around the neighbours ,dressed up as three wise men.They go from door to door singing and collecting money for the church. The tradition is that the house gets blesding from them in form of  a “singnature” on top of the door. This suppose to bring you good luck and prosperity.. How come that sounds something like from the Star Trek?  😂

There are always several groups going around the village and feeding them is done by a volunteer .This year was my turn to feed the kids. My problems was that I do not have any idea what normal Austrian kid eats,so I decided to play it safe. Schinken Fleckerl, witch is pasta with ham ( recipe is in separate posting) and Pannukakku. Pannukakku is something like crepe mixed with pudding.

I remember Pannukakku from my own childhood very well. Grandmother made it usually in the winter and I still remember the sensation when you came inside after having been playing,out in the snow ,the whole day and you smelled vanilla mixing  into the smell of cinnamon.. I still start drooling when thinking of it…

This is such a simple recipe and sure people  pleaser ! I got special request from my lunch guests to make this when Henrik’s class is organizing the healthy lunch in mid January at school. I didn’t even think of it! I thought this would be too boring for the kids but the whole oven pan got cleaned up in record speed!

This is my families recipe:


5 dl cream

6 dl spelt flour

5 tbs  sugar

4 eggs

5dl  milk

1 tablespoon pure vanilla extract


  1. First mix eggs so that you brake their structure. Then add the rest of the ingredients and mix till smooth. Let the dough rest for 30min.
  2. Line the oven pan with baking paper ( drizzle little water on the baking pan before putting the baking paper on it. Water will hold the paper in place)
  3. Pour the dough on the oven pan,drizzle with cinnamon ,and bake first 15 minutes in 250c and the turn the oven down to 225c and bake another 15 minutes till the bottom and top of the Pannukakku are golden brown.

Serve with your favourite jam, whipped cream or ice cream!

Note: you can add some chopped up apples on top of the dough before baking it. Gives the whole new twist on this dessert.


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