Spinach Waffles and Salmon Mousse

Sometimes you need a fast and fun food to eat. I like waffles because they are fun and fast to make And Kiddo loves them. My only issue has been that normal Waffels are so heavy and full of not so good things. So I decided to make a new recipe and give. Change for gluten and lactose free version of this yummy thing!
This will be served on out Easter Brunch as appetizer. I just hope that on about four weeks asparagus will be available too. So here you go , my Spinach Waffles and Salmon mousse.

For the Waffles you will need following : 

  • 2,5 dl soya milk
  • 1,25 dl mineral water
  • 3 Eggs,whites separated
  • 125 g margarine or butter
  • 125 g Spelt flour 
  • 125 g Buckweed flour 
  • 125 g cream spinach 
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  1. Separate the eggs and put the egg whites at aside
  2. Add into mixing bowl all dry ingredients, pour over the soy milk and mix. Add egg yolks,butter and salt into the mixture. Set aside for half an hour to rest. (Use this time to make your salmon mousse)
  3. Plug your waffle iron in and heat it up.
  4. Mix into the batter mineral water.
  5. Beat the egg whites and fold carefully into the batter. 
  6. Pour needed amount into your waffle maker and bake till golden brown.


For the mousse you will need :

  • 200g low lactose or lactose free cream cheese, or you use Philly and make this normal way.
  • 200 g cold smoked salmon and some extra for decoration on top of your waffle.
  • 2 scallions finely chopped
  • pepper and salt
  • dill

Chop salmon small, mix it with cream cheese of your choice,scallions and spices. You might want to add little lemon juice. It the mousse it really thick,you can thin it with cold water. Serve the ready mousse on top of your waffles.


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