Mango Waffles

Soooo… Our family is on waffle trip 😂 The recipe that I made for the spinach waffles was a hit. Kiddo has been whining me to make waffles for him and his best friend for the whole day. He saw that we had a mango in the fridge and asked from me if we could use mango IN the waffle dough.


Ööööööö… This Mommychef was clueless but of course I could not show it to Kiddo. So I told him:”Sure we can,great idea!” Modifying functional recipes is some this that I do all the time but baking.. Well it has never been my strong side because you have to be exact with measurements. And making waffles is for me like baking! Here you go,my Mango Waffles served with Strawberry quark… They were really yummy, Kiddo and his friend approved.. They ate both two of these😳😂

For the Waffles you will need following :

2,5 dl soya milk/cream
1,25 dl mineral water
3 Eggs,whites separated
125 g margarine or butter
125 g Spelt flour
125 g Buckweed flour
125g mango puree from fresh mango
1 teaspoon salt

  1. Separate the eggs and put the egg whites aside to wait.
  2. Add into mixing bowl all dry ingredients, pour over the soy milk and mix.
  3. Add mango purée
  4. Add egg yolks,butter and salt into the mixture. Set aside for half an hour to rest.
  5. Plug your waffle iron in and heat it up.
  6. Mix into the batter mineral water.
  7. Beat the egg whites and fold carefully into the batter.
  8. Pour needed amount into your waffle maker and bake till golden brown.

Strawberry quark

Mix handfull of strawberries with 2 dl quark or Greek jougurt , add vanilla sugar and little milk. Purée with mixer. Serve.



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