Tomahawk Steak

I have a hubby who’s carnivore with capitol C!  So today was his day when it comes to food. I went shopping to Mekur Market near Wels and they had aged Tomakawk cut steaks. For some reason it is very hard to find dry aged meat in Austria. Austrians are not yet familiar with what dry aging does for the quality of the meat. Now and then I have seen dry aged meat or hanged meats but seldom. So you can imagine how happy I were when I saw this glorious peace of meat.

We had guests last week from Rinkand and as gift I got really nice BBQ rub spice from Finnish company called Poppamies. I used the spice as I were instructed. Two tablespoons of it mixed with 2 dl apple juice . I let it settle a bit and then rubbed it in the steak. Unfortunately they have only Finnish web pages but I do suppose I you contact them in enlist they will help you with your order.

 I left the piece of the meat marinating for overnight but five hours is also enough. The into the the grill it went. 20 minutes turning it every five minutes and it was nice. Red from inside…

The whole thing was served with Asparagus wrapped in filo dough and some were salad. Simple and tasty dinner tonight! Recipe for the asparagus is here:


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