Flea alarm!


Anyone in need of RC CAT??Special offer, especially after today…

I was wondering yesterday and today, why our cst Zorro is behaving bit odd. Well he is odd red cat, but biting your own leg is out of normal even for Zorro. After close inspection I saw them, fleas!! So early, spring is really coming fast. What else but cat goes into sink  to be washed. And he loved me..Ou yeah..

Have you ever tried to bathe a cat? No? Well it is one of those experiences that I rather would not have.Water all over,cat on me,attaching like vel cro on kitchen wall. Me yanking him back to the sink.. Kiddo asking: “Mommy why is Zorro miauzing so much?” “Can I help?”..”Noooooo,not now..Do your homework!”

I Zorro clean. Combed him and toweled his as try as I could. The look that I got from him… Well see for your self.. He was sulking under the blanket for rest of the afternoon and as soon as I got even bit closer to him I was hissed..

He looks like cat from cartoon “Coop and the Cat”. I am just wondering, what is he planning ,to revenge today to me? Small surprise in bed maybe?




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